Uptown (60613 zip code) Chicago is another of our masonry and tuckpointing service areas, this one set between Foster Ave. along its North border, Lake Michigan along the East, Montrose and Irving Park defining its South, and Ravenswood and Clark its West border.

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The Sheridan Trust and Savings Bank Building, on the corner of Broadway and Lawrence since 1924, has Chicago Landmark status.
Image by J. Crocker, Attribution, Link

The Uptown’s history goes back over 100 years, when the Northwestern Elevated Railroad terminal was constructed at Wilson and Broadway in 1900. That’s when the area became a summer resort and entertainment destination for the Chicago downtown residents, and it was named after a store, “Uptown Store”, community’s commercial center. Many movie stars from the 1900’s made their production pieces in Uptown studios.

In the 1920’s, the Uptown area experienced its real estate boom, with many residential and large commercial properties, such as luxurious entertainment sites, being built. A lot of those magnificent structures, decorated with lavish ornamentation resembling buildings from the Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, are still standing.

The Uptown area, kept evolving for over a century already, and it always played an important role in various phases of the Chicago economic growth and expansion of its entertainment industry.

Today, the area is known for its fashionable coffee places, jazz lounges, bar venues, and theaters.
Like other Chicago community areas, this one also includes smaller neighborhoods:

  • Buena Park, that started developing in 1887, with its historic district mansions at the Hutchinson Street, an area considered one of the best collections of Prairie-style architecture in Chicago.
  • Sheridan Park – mostly residential neighborhood occupied by six-flat buildings, single family homes, and courtyard apartments. Its buildings gained National Landmark status / protection in 1985.
  • Argyle Street – with population mostly of Vietnamese and Cambodian nationality (Chinese ethnicity), it is also referred to as “Asia on Argyle”, “Little Saigon”, and “Little Vietnam”.
  • Margate Park – area dominated by historic mansions lining its wide streets is experiencing an increased rejuvenation.

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