Northlake (60164, 60165 zip codes), an Illinois city located approximately 14 miles West from the Chicago downtown, has a population of approximately 12,000. Known as “The City of Friendly People”, Northlake was incorporated on July 19, 1949 and got its name from combining the names of two local streets: North Ave. & Lake Str.

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Northlake location in Illinois

Location of Northlake in Cook County, Illinois.
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Ten years before incorporation, the mostly farmland was introduced to Buick defense plant, and other companies followed. By 1941, the area was occupied by 600 houses, with a lot of their owners working for Buick, and Midland Development Company, a place building Caper Cod and Ranch style house “shells”, ready to be completed and finished by their buyers.

By 1953 Northlake’s population of mostly German, Italian, Polish, and Irish ethnicity grew to 9000. This growth continued over the following decades and by 1990 an entire Northlake’s infrastructure was overwhelmed and required major improvements and expansion.

20th century brought Michigan water to the City, building of sections of a new storm sewer system to alleviate flooding, repaving of several streets, installation of new and replacement of some old concrete sidewalks, fire hydrants, upgrading of water mains. Environmental improvements, like development of new parks and open spaces as well as a bike path also happened during the recent years.

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