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    Serving City of Chicago: North of 95 Street and nearby suburbs!

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    We hired Edmar to rebuild our parapet on our brick multi-family house during the summer of 2020, and they did an outstanding job! The brickwork looks exceptional and I can tell they really pay attention to detail. Their proposal for the project was the most professional and detailed one we received, and if I had any questions they were very quick to respond. If we have any masonry needs in the future, we will definitely be giving Edmar a call. We also hired them to install new windows, and they did a great job with those as well - they installed them quickly and professionally..
    Amelia F.
    I called and set up an appointment for an estimate. Ed returned my call very quickly and set up an appointment. He was right on time for our meeting. He took some time looking at the chimney, climbed up to the roof, etc. and gave me my estimate along with a couple of options for how I wanted to proceed and how much work I wanted done. I was very happy with his approach. The estimate was $2k to completely rebuild the chimney, which given the current state of the structure, doesn't seem unreasonable to me. That's a bit more than I am ready to spend at this time but I have arranged with Ed for them to perform the work later in the year.
    CONOR M.
    They are very good at what they are doing. It is a family owned company. They are very professional and honest. You don’t have to worry about him taking advantage of you at all. He crew is very experience in what they do as well. I would recommend this company to anyone.

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    We pride ourselves in our quick and direct client communication without unnecessary delays or unclear answers, ensuring you always stay informed and confident about your project’s progress.

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    Our skilled masons bring decades of expertise to every project.

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    We use the best materials to ensure durable and lasting results.

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    Our commitment to excellence has earned us numerous positive reviews and repeat clients.

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    EDMAR Corporation for Expert Masonry Repair and Restoration

    At EDMAR Corporation, we specialize in comprehensive masonry repair and restoration services designed to address all your needs. Our services include:

    Brick Repair:

    Fixing cracks, spalling, and other brick-related issues to restore strength and appearance. Restoration of brick columns, fences, arches, entire chimneys, interior and exterior fireplaces, and more to their original condition.

    Chimney Restoration

    Ensuring your chimney is safe and functional, from minor repairs to complete rebuilds of chimney crowns, rain caps and flue liner and insulation. We also restore interior and exterior fireplaces,

    Parapet Wall Rebuilding

    Restoring the structural integrity and aesthetics of your parapet walls.

    Watch for those most common Masonry and Brickwork problems!

    Over time, masonry structures can suffer from a variety of issues due to weather, age, and general wear and tear.

    Common problems include:

    Cracks and Structural Damage: Foundation settling and thermal expansion can cause cracks that compromise stability. Also this affects the ability of realising combustion gases from your home.
    Water Infiltration: Damaged mortar and cracks allow water to seep in, leading to mold, efflorescence, and internal damage.
    Aesthetic Deterioration: Stains, discoloration, and spalling detract from your property’s appearance and value. Ignoring these issues can lead to severe damage and costly repairs down the line​

    Don’t Let Masonry Problems Worsen and Devalue Your Property!

    Safety Hazards: Crumbling bricks and unstable structures pose significant risks.
    Increased Repair Costs: Delaying repairs can result in more extensive and expensive damage.
    Reduced Curb Appeal: Visible deterioration makes your property look neglected, impacting its market value.

    Serving City of Chicago: North of 95 Street and nearby suburbs

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