The Village of Lincolnwood (60645, 60712 zip codes), is a 12.5K residents Chicago suburb, with its entire S&E + part of West border shared with Chicago, and North and the rest of West with Skokie.

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The land area currently known as Lincolnwood, was originally occupied by Potawatomi Indians, who completely left by 1816. First European settlers, Jonathan Tess and his family, came here from Germany in 1856 and the first name of this area “Tessville”, was derived from their family name a few decades later.

The local population was slowly growing, which accelerated in 1891, with construction of Chicago & North Western Railway, and North Shore Channel in 1909. The Channel helped drying swampy land and made it more habitable. In 1911, the 359 local residents voted to incorporate the area as a village and named it the Village of Tessville. For several years, the village had a reputation of a go to place for gambling and drinking.

In 1936, under the longest serving major (46 years), Henry A. Proesel, the name of the Village was changed to Lincolnwood. One of the benefits of living in the Village were lower taxes, maintained at its levels due to a growth of light local industry, and by making the Village a home for big companies, like Bell & Howell.

Further dynamic development was accelerated by the Edens Expressway that was open in 1951, and resulted in population growth that reached 12000 in 1970. Residents can enjoy various recreational areas including, swimming pools, baseball fields, tennis courts, and 34 acres of parks.

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