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The following steps will teach you some basics on how to replace broken glass block window

Glass block window installation Chciago, replacement and repairsWhen it comes to glass block windows, they are generally composed of a certain number of modular, single blocks made out of glass that are set with mortar in the opening of a masonry or maybe a wood wall.

However, sooner or later one or more of these glass blacks can break, get scratched, or develop cracks. When one glass block in a window grouping is damaged, the entire window’s look will suffer.

The good news is that homeowners do not need to worry about removing the entire window, since they can easily remove the damaged glass blocks and replace them with new ones.

Using duct tape

The first step homeowners need to take when replacing their broken glass block window involves cutting strips of furnace duct tape and placing them over each face of the glass block that needs to be replaced. The attire worn is very important for proper protection and it needs to consist of a long sleeved T-shirt, work gloves and, of course, safety glasses.

Next, using a rubber mallet, the block of glass needs to be struck until it breaks. After that, the shards should be collected in a bucket and the place properly vacuumed so that no slivers or shards of glass are left behind.

Chipping out the mortar

Now the mortar needs to be chipped out properly by using a hammer and a chisel. However, utmost care must be taken so the adjoining glass blocks do not get damaged in the process. When this step is over with, the homeowner needs to mix some pre-mixed mortar with water until it reaches a consistency that is close or similar to that of bread dough.

At this point, a layer of mortar needs to be applied on the bottom surface the new glass block is going to rest on. One very important tip to keep in mind is the fact that the mortar needs to match the thickness of the rest of the mortar joints.

Sliding the glass block in

The glass block should now be inserted into the opening and properly centered. As for the spaces on the 3 remaining sides of the block, they need to be packed with mortar until they’re properly filled. Doing so is simple, but it needs to be done from both the outside and inside of the building. When this is done, it is necessary to wait for a few hours until the mortar firms up and only then can you proceed with smoothing and compressing the mortar joints.

This will give the job a professional and clean look. Lastly, the glass block should be cleaned with a damp and soft cloth for the project to finally be completed.

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes homeowners need to buy a new glass block and if this is necessary, it is best to choose one that matches the existing blocks. Also, when cleaning the rest of the blocks, using putty knives or abrasives is not recommended, since these will only cause heavy scratching.