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How to remove efflorescence from brick surface?

We’ve been asked many times how to remove efflorescence from brick surface. The process is quite simple and can be performed using inexpensive products anyone can purchase in a local store. Of course, doing it the way described below may not make sense on larger areas.

Also, efflorescence associated with damaged bricks, or covering large areas, should be carefully examined by professionals. There might be some serious problems associated with moisture / water penetration in an area corresponding to the brick surface covered with those fine, white, powdery deposits.

So, here is our answer to:

How to remove efflorescence from brick surface?

How to remove efflorescence from brick surfaceThe ingredients required to remove efflorescence from brick surface :


  • stiff-bristle cleaning brush
  • household cleaning sponge
  • white distilled vinegar
  • spray bottle
  • water


Efflorescence visible on bricks 1 - Masonry and Tuckpointing ChicagoUsing stiff-bristle cleaning brush, scrub the fine, white powdery substance from the brick surface. The more efflorescence you remove, the easier job vinegar will have in dealing with whatever remained.


Efflorescence visible on bricks - Masonry and Tuckpointing ChicagoUsing lightly dampened (not soaked) cleaning sponge, wipe the loose efflorescence particles from the bricks. If you use soak sponge, the efflorescence might reappear once moisture has evaporated.


Put some white distilled vinegar into a spray bottle and apply generous amount of vinegar onto the bricks. Let it soak for 5 minutes before scrubbing the surface with bristle brush one more time.


Efflorescence visible on bricks 2 - Masonry and Tuckpointing ChicagoRinse the previously used cleaning sponge and squeeze excess of water. Wipe the area previously soaked with vinegar, you can repeat the process a couple of times, just make sure your sponge is damp – not soaked!


Let the bricks dry naturally / air-dry.

Here it is, you just learned how to remove efflorescence from brick surface.