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Your Trusted Chicago Masonry Contractors Since 1985

We have been caring for the beautiful buildings of Chicago for nearly 30 years. Our expertise in brickwork and masonry has helped to maintain this city’s charm and improved its homes, offices, churches, and stores. Whether your masonry project is large or small, or if you need brick replacement or masonry repair, our dedicated team can help, always sure to do it once, and do it right.

Tuckpointing and Repointing

Chicago weather makes national news, and the mortar and brickwork feel the brunt of it. That’s why tuckpointing in Chicago is so important—to keep buildings safe and sound (and stunning) year round.  No matter the wear and tear, our mortar repointing can restore each building to its original luster.

Brick Wall Repair & Restoration

Mortar isn’t the only thing that gets damaged by Chicago winters — bricks can absorb moisture and become weathered by extreme temperatures, leading to spalling and cracked surfaces, and deteriorating complications down the line.

Lintel & I-Beam Replacement

Steel lintel replacement in Chicago is a vital necessity. When these load bearing structures warp and corrode, they jeopardize the architectural integrity of the wall it supports. If you suspect any problems with a lintel or i-beam structure, we can assess the situation, and fix it in a manner that improves its life considerably.

Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is never just about aesthetics—it is first and foremost a safety issue. Bricks can come loose and endanger passers-by, and there can also be masonry problems within, affecting the operation of fireplaces. Always opt to have your chimney inspected if you suspect there to be any kind of problem.

Power Washing

Surfaces can accumulate a lot of dirt, debris, moss, and mold which cries out for a thorough round of power washing. When doing further masonry projects, surfaces are not always work-ready, and our pressure washing procedure can help prep our work beforehand, and leave you with a clean, beautiful surface after the job is done.