Harwood Heights (60706 zip code) is a small village in Chicago vicinity, with slightly over 8 thousand residents, bordered by Norridge, and Chicago community areas.

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The Mont Clare at Harlem Avenue, formerly known as Parkway Towers
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The history of the area Harwood Heights currently occupies begun, like many other surrounding it areas, with Potawatomi Indians who lived here in the past. The first settler, a black man Jean Baptiste Point du Sable, came here with his family around 1770 and ran a prosperous trading business with local Indians for 3 decades. In 1800’s he sold his business to Jean La Lime, who continued it until 1803.

The following years were pretty dramatic involving political and bloody military events, with Potawatomis’ becoming hostile to US Soldiers under the influence of British Agents.

In 1835 the US government bought the last piece of land from Potawatomie Indians and they moved out completely from the todays Harwood Heights area, opening the land to new settlers. The new era begun with Israel Smith and his family settling here, in an area where the Ridgemoor Country Club and St. Rosalie’s Church are today.

Soon after the World War II ended, in the fall of 1947, the Village of Harwood Heights was incorporated, and at that time it had only 400 residents. The following years saw annexation of additional land and real estate growth, with residential properties, and multi-unit condominium buildings.

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