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EDMAR Corporation Masonry Services and Service Areas in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

EDMAR Corporation Masonry has been providing its services to the majority of Chicago area and surrounding suburbs. Within Chicago only, there are 77 officially designated community areas with a variety of masonry structures that require regular maintenance.

However, the amount of masonry work varies a lot between the areas due to building structure types. You’ll find many Chicago community areas where siding clad homes dominate, and the only masonry element is the property’s chimney, sometimes porch, or partially exposed foundation.

The same applies to the Chicago surrounding suburbs where, in many areas, siding clad homes percentage is significantly higher than those even partially clad with brick or other masonry materials.

Although rebuilding / repairing / restoring vertical masonry surfaces is our main line of service but we also provide other services within our service areas.  Please check the list of our services with brief explanation of each one, and follow the list of areas we’re providing those services directly below.

Tuckpointing and Mortar Joints Repair Services

  • We remove loose mortar from the joints by chiseling them clean.
  • Dust and debris particles will be removed by brushing, rinsing with water or blowing the mortar joint with air.
  • Joints will be damped prior to tuckpointing to make sure that the new mortar mix bonds adequately to the existing joint and surface.
  • Open joints will be filled with mortar, shaped and pigmented to match existing as close as possible, and excess scraped from the surface.

Repointing Services

  • We grind and chisel out mortar up to 1/2”-3/4” depth and wire brush joints to get all of the crumbs out.
  • Joints will be damped prior to repointing to make sure that the new mortar mix bonds adequately to the existing joint and surface.
  • Open joints will be filled with mortar, shaped and pigmented to match existing as close as possible, and excess scraped from the surface.

Parapet Wall Rebuilding Services

  • We remove existing limestone or clay tile coping, which is cleaned, stored, and then re-installed over the new parapet wall / limestone will be installed over new flashing.
  • Any coping damaged by us during dismantling process is always replaced at no additional charge. Coping that was cracked or damaged before parapet wall dismantling (we provide pictures if necessary) can be reinstalled as is, or replaced upon your approval at additional cost.
  • We remove existing roof flashing along the parapet wall and new flashing is installed by a professional roofing contractor.
  • Inside wythes of the parapet wall are usually dismantled to the roof level, and are rebuilt with existing bricks in good condition and reclaimed Chicago Common Brick. 
  • Outside wythe of the parapet wall is dismantled as low as necessary below coping. Existing brick in good condition is reused / unsalvageable bricks are replaced with brick matching the color and texture of the existing as closely as possible.

Lintel Replacement Above Masonry Wall Openings (such as doors or windows) Services

  • We cut into the mortar lines between the bricks and/or blocks above the compromised lintel, remove them along with the corroded lintel, and insert supporting props if necessary. Unless the wall above compromised lintel requires rebuilding, we only remove enough bricks and/or blocks (above and both sides of the lintel) that is required to replace the compromised lintel.
  • The removed bricks and/or blocks are cleaned and stored for re-installation.
  • We install new steel lintel primed with corrosion resistant paint, stainless steel drip edge on top of the lintel over NP1 caulking, self-adhering rubber flashing, and termination bar over the rubber flashing.
  • Mastic caulking is applied along the top edge of the termination bar for additional durability, and weeps are placed strategically along the new lintel, as required to control proper drainage of moisture from inner wall.
  • Previously removed bricks and/or blocks are reset in place and mortar joints finished to match existing as close as possible.

Brick Wall Rebuilding, Brickwork Restoration Services

  • This process can be partial, in cases where only sections of the wall have been compromised, or complete, involving rebuilding of an entire wall structure, to its original shape and condition.
  • We’ll use the same brick in good condition, and / or new brick matching existing as close as possible. Alternatively, we’ll use brick with texture and color of your choice.

Chimney Rebuilding and Repair Services

  • A few bricks / brick layers, or restoration of an entire brick, CMU, or stone chimney structure, with its crown and clay tile liner.

Masonry Waterproofing Services / Sealer Application on Brick and CMU Block Walls

  • Sealer application on masonry structures is sometimes necessary, and sometimes essential for the building to function properly. The waterproofing process involves mortar joints repair as well.

Replacement of Glass Blocks or Glass Block Windows Services

  • We replace compromised, individual glass blocks in a glass block window, or entire glass block window unit(s)

Flashing Installation and Replacement of Door and Window Sills Services

  • Process can be often quite complicated and involves removing of limestone sills, creation of additional space in sill cavity, and installation of through the wall flashing materials.

Pressure Washing Services

  • If your business or home is in need of sprucing, acid washing might be just the ticket. Pressure washing brick for upkeep is essential, too.
  • We do not treat paint covered masonry surfaces due to possibility of led contamination.

Concrete Flatwork and Stairs Services

  • We install concrete stairs, concrete steps, concrete sidewalks, concrete patios, concrete garage slabs, parking pads, and concrete driveways – we replace existing, compromised concrete, or excavate and pour concrete in new areas.

Porch Rebuilding and Repair Services

  • We build single and multi-story wooden porches, based on blueprints, and complying with building code requirements.

Chicago Building Code Violation Resolution Services

  • We correct Chicago building code related violation associated with masonry, concrete, and porches

Tuckpointing & Masonry Contractor Chicago Reviews from Our Customers

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  • Tony R. Avatar

    By far the most professional and highly skilled company I've worked with.
    I had a chimney taken down and rebuilt from the roof line up. ...
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    Tony R.
    Clara S. Avatar

    5 star rating I had Edmar Corporation do work on my house in Glenview in the summer of 2012, and I was very satisfied with their services. ... read more

    Clara S.
    April B. Avatar

    5 star rating Nice concrete work and the grading helped to move water away from the walk. Very professional and worked with us to address water issues.

    April B.
  • Peter J. Avatar

    I haven’t been so excited in my live, the work is finally done! For the past five days I had a crew of 5 working... read more

    Peter J.
    Allison W. Avatar

    positive review  EDMAR came to replace 35 feet of sidewalk by my house. They busted old concrete one day and poured new sidewalk next. NICE JOB.

    Allison W.
    Lara M. Avatar

    positive review  I own 3 story rental in Chicago and got building violation ticket for the rear porch… this was last summer. The porch was old and... read more

    Lara M.
  • Brian K. Avatar

    3 star rating I would give closer to 3 1/2 stars if I could. I was pleased with the work that was completed. I had 4... read more

    Brian K.
    Jargren S. Avatar

    5 star rating I just have to say the work, the crew, and Ed were wonderful. Their quality of work and maintaining the job site in an... read more

    Jargren S.
    David D. Avatar

    5 star rating Without question the best experience I have ever had with any contractor, Ed is direct and honest; no surprises. I rarely write reviews unless I... read more

    David D.
  • Irena S. Avatar

    Great work, great price.

    Irena S.
    Ross U. Avatar

    5 star rating I usually do a lot of research before I let someone touch my home. After talking to a few tuck pointing companies it was obvious... read more

    Ross U.
    Jolanta J. Avatar

    Edmar Corporation did an outstanding masonry job on our Condominium BLDG!!!! We are very satisfied with the work!!!! Mr. ED came for the estimate and... read more

    Jolanta J.
  • Roberto G. Avatar

    5 star rating Truly one of the most honest men I have ever met. Me and my family will be using and recommending Ed for all our... read more

    Roberto G.
    Elizabeth S. Avatar

    5 star rating We had a wonderful experience with Edmar. We needed a level of brick and capstone removed from our rooftop - the job was completed in... read more

    Elizabeth S.
    Ellen P. Avatar

    5 star rating I am a case manager who works with people with disabilities and one of my clients needed her roof repaired due to a big hole... read more

    Ellen P.
  • Jessie R. Avatar

    Our condo association requested evaluation of our building’s masonry structure from EDMAR CORPORATION so we can plan our 2019 budget. We didn’t make our decision... read more

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    thomas g. Avatar

    5 star rating So happy. These guys were fast and friendly and clean. I collected many quotes. Edmar Corporation was the lowest $ with the highest rating in... read more

    thomas g.
    Elizabeth E. Avatar

    5 star rating We have a small house. Sometimes it feels like tradesmen are not very interested in taking our business. However, Ed made me feel... read more

    Elizabeth E.
  • Peter L. Avatar

    Great service.

    Peter L.
    Antonio R. Avatar

    5 star rating Top Notch Masonry Contractor. Had a new Chimney rebuilt from the roof up. The Crews were professional and we're highly skilled tradesmen. ... read more

    Antonio R.
    Tom O. Avatar

    5 star rating I called Ed and he came within the same day and after careful examining the
    the chimney he gave his estimate which was very straight...
    read more

    Tom O.
  • S K. Avatar

    5 star rating If it were possible to give more than 5 stars, I would! We had to reconstruct our brick and wrought iron fence after the... read more

    S K.
    Rick B. Avatar

    5 star rating We had several issues to address, including retaining walls, parging, tuckpointing and replacing old lintels. Ed came out to review and estimate, was very... read more

    Rick B.
    Elizabeth P. Avatar

    They replaced lintels on my 6 flat. They were fast, professional and a pleasure to work with.

    Elizabeth P.
  • Matt M. Avatar

    Edmar is the best in the business. I’ve owned buildings in the city for a while now and I’m telling you there’s no one more... read more

    Matt M.
    Cassie M. Avatar

    5 star rating Peter and crew were very professional and did an excellent job installing a new sliding glass door for us. The install included fixing some siding... read more

    Cassie M.
    Don M. Avatar

    Very professional and great work on rebuilding my chimney. Recommend

    Don M.
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    Our condo association will definitely be hiring Edward and his company again this year. They completed two projects for us, some tuckpointing and brickwork on... read more

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    John F. Avatar

    5 star rating Edmar Corporation Masonry was contracted for three projects on an industrial building in the City. The first project was to rebrick part of a doorway... read more

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    Karen D. Avatar

    positive review  I had EDMAR repair my brick chimney a little while ago. The crew took apart everything above the roof, fixed the brown clay tube inside... read more

    Karen D.
  • Maciek G. Avatar

    Greta People to do Business with ! Quality and fair price for Top Quality.

    Maciek G.
    Andy W. Avatar

    5 star rating These guys came thru. After some problems getting the work completed they came back out and finished the work as well as some additional brick... read more

    Andy W.
    A G. Avatar

    By far the most professional and highly skilled company I've worked with.
    I had a chimney taken down and rebuilt from the roof line up. ...
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  • Jakub P. Avatar

    5 star rating I used Edmar Corporation a few years ago to fix up my home in the north suburbs and was very pleased with their work. I... read more

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    I got several quotes, Edmar was honest and priced very well. Their efficiency and neatness were most impressive, thanks for a great result!

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    My building hired Edmar to do a tuck pointing project and we couldn’t be more impressed. Peter the project manager came out to our building... read more

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    positive review  Last December we experienced some serious problems at our condo building. Many widows from 3rd floor units were leaking water along their top frames. We... read more

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    Emily R. Avatar

    Excellent experience from Edmar from start to finish! From the first estimate, I enjoyed the experience of working with Ed and his team. They rebuilt... read more

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    Dan P. Avatar

    5 star rating I had Edmar rebuild a portion of my parapet wall. I had gotten quite a few recommendations and estimates from different local companies. ... read more

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    Edmar is the most professional construction with many skilled workers in Chicago area, as long as I know. If your priority is choosing a... read more

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    Ted T. Avatar

    1 star rating A bunch of scammers and crooks. I got a letter from them indicating building violations. The letter makes it seem they are working on behalf... read more

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    5 star rating Ed along with his crew did a fantastic job on a few of our commercial building. I always recommend Edmar for all thing masonry to.... read more

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    Greta People to do Business with ! Quality and fair price for Top Quality. I did Parapet wall fix and new concrete steps. They also... read more

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    5 star rating I decided to hire Edmar based on excellent Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed. The work I hired him for was to repair my... read more

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    This company and its owner were a pleasure to work with. We needed some masonry repairs on our single family home in Lincoln Park and... read more

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    5 star rating Highly recommend. Ed came out, gave us a quote and started our project all very quickly. His crew kept the area very clean and did... read more

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    This company is really excellent. I hired them to come and redo the siding, soffits, gutters, and downspouts on the addition of my 1927 Mediterranean-inspired... read more

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    Brett S. Avatar

    5 star rating These guys did a great job on my chimney. Punctual and fast. Would hire them again in a heartbeat!

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    It's always frightening to undertake a project that requires dismantling the infrastructure of your home. Thus, it was no different with me when I asked... read more

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  • A G. Avatar

    They rebuilt my parapet wall quickly for a reasonable price! The wall looks great. I'm very satisfied with their work and customer service!!

    A G.
    Melissa H. Avatar

    5 star rating This company fixed some stairs for a customer of mine. They were quick to contact customer as it was a closing issue contigent on... read more

    Melissa H.
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    I asked for a proposal to tuckpoint our commercial building and Peter came out and inspected it with me and answered all my questions. ... read more

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    Greta People to do Business with ! Quality and fair price for Top Quality. I did Parapet wall fix and new concrete steps. They also... read more

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    I am a case manager who works with people with disabilities and one of my clients needed her roof repaired due to a big hole... read more

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