Edgewater (60660 zip code), is Chicago’s lakefront community area with several beautiful beaches along the Lake Michigan, positioned on the North side of the city. It is bounded by Ravenswood Ave. on the West, Foster Ave. on the South, and Devon Ave. on the North.

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Originally developed as a summer rest area for the Chicago elite, its population started growing aggressively in late 1880’s. To provide it with much needed public service access, the Edgewater area was annexed to Chicago in 1889.

In the early 1900’s, Edgewater was considered one of the most respected communities in Chicago, its shoreline lined with lavish mansions, and large single-family residences dominating lots spreading inland.

There are just a few historic districts within Edgewater, where we provide our masonry and tuckpointing services, like in Andersonville, Bryn Mawr Historic District, and Lakewood Balmoral Historic District. Large portion of the area includes high rise apartment buildings, condominiums, commercial businesses, and various types of residential structures.

An interesting fact about the street names in Edgewater, in 1885, all of the local streets were named after the names of train stations of the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR Main Line), and the majority of them still maintain those names, for example: Ardmore Ave., Thorndale Ave., Bryn Mawr Ave., Berwyn Ave., Devon Ave., Rosemont Ave., Wayne Ave.

Within the last century, the population of Edgewater community keeps oscillating around 50-60K, and it’s spread between a few smaller neighborhoods:

  • Andersonville – originally dominated by Swedes, still has their large presence, although it became much more diversified over the last few decades.
  • Edgewater Glen – with its name originating from Glenwood Ave. and Glenlake Ave. that cross in the middle of this neighborhood.
  • Broadway – the main commercial street with a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, fast food places, pubs, and pizza spots.
  • Magnolia Glen
  • Edgewater Beach
  • Lakewood / Balmoral

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