The Village of Bridgeview (60454, 60455, 60457, 60501 zip codes) , is a 16 thousand residents community, located South-West of Chicago Loop, sharing its borders with Burbank, Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Palos Hills, Hickory Hills, Justice, and Bedford Park.

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City Hall
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The first registered settlement in a general area of what we know today as Bridgeview, happened just before Indians permanently moved out from the area, in early 1830’s. By 1870, a more significant flow of European farmers came from Germany and Italy. Following decades sprung with industrial and real estate developments, especially after the Lake Michigan water begun flowing into the households, and electricity became available.

Incorporation happened on July 16, 1947, and the area received a certificate of the Village of Bridgeview. “Oketo” was another name considered for the village at that time, but it was only kept as a street name. “Bridgeview” refers to a View from a Bridge on Harlem Ave.

 A couple of variables stimulating growth of the Village were the Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad and proximity of the Midway Airport, as well as presence of large truck terminals. Unfortunately, the truck terminals gave the Village bad reputation, which was named by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) the major source of pollutants responsible for various types of cancer in Cook County.

The most prominent ethnic groups in Bridgeview are Germans, Irish, Polish, and Arab Americans.

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