Brick chimney repair Lake Villa IL

Do you happen to have a brick chimney in your house? Have you recently or ever had your chimney professionally inspected?

Watch this video, if any of the images are even slightly resembling your chimney, you definitely need a chimney repair Lake Villa IL service.

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There are nearly 36,000 reasons every year for me to ask that question. This is how many fires caused by portable heaters, fireplaces, and chimneys start each year in US. Actually, faulty fireplaces and chimneys are the number one cause of home heating equipment related fires.

Although poorly maintained brick chimney structures in Lake Villa IL don’t always necessarily cause a fire, the brick and mortar deterioration you may be able to see on an exterior part of your chimney is usually a clue for more damage on its interior.

Lake Villa IL chimney repair - leaning chimney is extremely hazardous!Since we’ve been performing Lake Villa IL brick chimney repairs for almost 3 decades, we’ve noticed little progress in the behavior towards their maintenance by homeowners since 1985. They believe their brick chimney indestructible and requiring no maintenance whatsoever, which leads to deterioration and unnecessary issues.

Usually the highest exposed part of your home, brick chimney takes all the beating from rain, wind, snow, and the Illinois weather’s freeze & thaw cycle. All those elements slowly destroy the mortar mix’s bonding force and chimney bricks’ exterior surface, and in most cases some level of chimney repair is required approximately every 20-30 years.

This is all true under the assumption that there’s a properly installed Lake Villa IL chimney crown sitting on top of the structure and protecting its interior… sometimes there is no crown. This missing component dramatically accelerates a brick chimney’s deterioration since the elements work from the interior and exterior at the same time.
Some things that could happen as the brick chimney in Lake Villa IL deterioration progresses:

  1. Mortar, bricks, and liner crumble and fall inside the flue which could prevent the exhaust gasses from being discharged properly, causing Carbon Monoxide spillage into the house, and potentially killing you. The only way to prevent it from happening is to have your chimney professionally inspected every 2-3 years and chimney repairs immediately performed if such are required.
  2. A partially blocked wood fireplace chimney flue will cause more creosote deposits to form faster on its interior walls which could result in a chimney fire. A chimney’s deterioration can sometimes progress to the point where parts of the brick walls simply fall apart. If this happens beneath the roof surface, like in your attic area, the consequences of a chimney fire can be devastating and your entire house may burst into flames. That should be enough reason to get your brick chimney Lake Villa IL evaluated and repaired if necessary.
  3. Deteriorating tall chimneys are extremely dangerous because they can easily collapse, destroy a house’s roof, its components, and even injure or kill a pedestrian. Deteriorating mortar lines, holes and gaps between bricks, cracks, and developed leaning are critical signs that an immediate chimney repair is inevitable.

Deteriorated chimney in attic area - chimney repair Lake Villa ILHeavily deteriorated brick chimney interior - chimney repair Lake Villa ILHeavily deteriorated chimney walls require rebuilding - Lake Villa IL chimney repairThink of your house’s brick chimney Lake Villa IL and care for it as you would for your windpipe. If you happen to start choking on a piece of food, it is essential to get that food particle out to prevent choking and possible death.

A virus can cause serious damage and inflammation of your throat, which will make breathing difficult. Taking care with medication might make the difference between going to the hospital and getting better.

Your house’s heating appliances are “breathing” through the chimney and its good shape and functionality are extremely important.

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