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Tuckpointing and repointing of masonry walls, single / multi-story residential and commercial properties. We do it once and we do it right, there’s no point in wasting your money…
Did you know that a single corroding window lintel can lift several floors which often results in extensive and costly repairs? Let us give you a lintel replacement quote, we might be able to save you a lot of trouble and money…
Creating new and restoring old masonry work has many challenges. This is what we’ve been doing for almost 3 decades and with each project we do everything to make another customer happy…
We repair and rebuild masonry chimneys, don’t wait until is too late! Chimneys like those are hazardous! A person can be struck by falling bricks and mortar, debris can block chimney’s interior, an entire chimney can collapse…

Chicago Building Code Violation Tickets? We specialize in correcting them!

For over 30 years, Edmar Corporation has specialized in correcting City of Chicago building violations for commercial, residential, and industrial properties.

Edmar Corporation is a full service contractor that solves city violations from start to finish. Our team of licensed professionals pull the necessary permits, produce drawings and calculations, complete necessary repairs, and work with the City of Chicago to ensure that you are no longer fined high fees.

Our experience and astounding reputation (check our Yelp reviews & Google reviews) speak volumes about our services. As fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractors, you can rest assured that your repairs will be completed in a thorough, safe, and efficient manner.

For a free estimate, please contact our offices at 1-847-724-5600 or email us to schedule an appointment. An experienced specialist will walk you through the necessary repairs, provide you with a recommendation, and get you on the way to a violation-free building as fast as possible.

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  • Paul P. Avatar

    5 star rating Excellent work. Work was done in 2 days. Walkway was re pitched to align better with stoop (which showed large cracks at base where walkway... read more

    Paul P. 10/11/2017
    Karolina Avatar

    This company and its owner were a pleasure to work with. We needed some masonry repairs on our single family home in Lincoln Park and... read more

    Karolina 9/05/2018
    Bill C. Avatar

    4 star rating I couldn't be happier with Edmar corporation.  He gave me a quote on the extensive brick work my 2 flat needed. It was a fair... read more

    Bill C. 8/30/2016
  • Jeff G. Avatar

    It's always frightening to undertake a project that requires dismantling the infrastructure of your home. Thus, it was no different with me when I asked... read more

    Jeff G. 9/05/2018
    Cecil S. Avatar

    5 star rating I needed some tuckpointing done on a condo I manage in Chicago and called Edmar for a quote through a mutual friend that had used... read more

    Cecil S. 7/12/2013
    thomas g. Avatar

    5 star rating So happy. These guys were fast and friendly and clean. I collected many quotes. Edmar Corporation was the lowest $ with the highest rating in... read more

    thomas g. 5/17/2014
  • David D. Avatar

    5 star rating Without question the best experience I have ever had with any contractor, Ed is direct and honest; no surprises. I rarely write reviews unless I... read more

    David D. 7/20/2015
    Bri C. Avatar

    Our condo association will definitely be hiring Edward and his company again this year. They completed two projects for us, some tuckpointing and brickwork on... read more

    Bri C. 9/05/2018
    Tania M. Avatar

    5 star rating Edmar Corp replaced the front brick of our property this summer. Not only did Ed provide us a reasonable estimate but he was patient while... read more

    Tania M. 9/20/2017
  • Jakub P. Avatar

    5 star rating I used Edmar Corporation a few years ago to fix up my home in the north suburbs and was very pleased with their work. I... read more

    Jakub P. 10/16/2013
    Aida A. Avatar

    Our condo association hired Edmar Corporation to do some much needed repairs on our building. It came to our attention that there were leaks on... read more

    Aida A. 9/05/2018
    Rick B. Avatar

    5 star rating We had several issues to address, including retaining walls, parging, tuckpointing and replacing old lintels.  Ed came out to review and estimate, was very thorough... read more

    Rick B. 10/20/2015
  • Dan P. Avatar

    5 star rating I had Edmar rebuild a portion of my parapet wall.  I had gotten quite a few recommendations and estimates from different local companies.  Ed and... read more

    Dan P. 6/09/2017
    A G. Avatar

    By far the most professional and highly skilled company I've worked with.
    I had a chimney taken down and rebuilt from the roof line up. ... read more

    A G. 3/22/2017
    Peter L. Avatar

    Great service.

    Peter L. 9/05/2018
  • Emily R. Avatar

    5 star rating Highly recommend. Ed came out, gave us a quote and started our project all very quickly. His crew kept the area very clean and did... read more

    Emily R. 4/20/2015
    Linda Q. Avatar

    5 star rating My husband and I bought a foreclosure on Newcastle and needed to do some work. In order to attain inside look of the kitchen we... read more

    Linda Q. 6/27/2014
    A G. Avatar

    I am a case manager who works with people with disabilities and one of my clients needed her roof repaired due to a big hole... read more

    A G. 5/10/2017
  • Clara S. Avatar

    5 star rating I had Edmar Corporation do work on my house in Glenview in the summer of 2012, and I was very satisfied with their services.  Ed... read more

    Clara S. 6/07/2013
    Brett S. Avatar

    5 star rating These guys did a great job on my chimney.  Punctual and fast.  Would hire them again in a heartbeat!

    Brett S. 8/28/2017
    Peter J. Avatar

    I haven’t been so excited in my live, the work is finally done! For the past five days I had a crew of 5 working... read more

    Peter J. 9/05/2018
  • Tom O. Avatar

    5 star rating I called Ed and he came within the same day and after careful examining the
    the chimney he gave his estimate which was very straight... read more

    Tom O. 8/01/2013
    Roberto G. Avatar

    5 star rating Truly one of the most honest men I have ever met.  Me and my family will be using and recommending Ed for all our masonry... read more

    Roberto G. 4/14/2015
    Gene P. Avatar

    5 star rating We had some cracks in the masonry on our building, it wasn't a big job but Ed came by to take a look anyway. Compared... read more

    Gene P. 9/30/2015
  • Daisy M. Avatar

    I got several quotes, Edmar was honest and priced very well. Their efficiency and neatness were most impressive, thanks for a great result!

    Daisy M. 9/05/2018
    S K. Avatar

    5 star rating If it were possible to give more than 5 stars, I would!  We had to reconstruct our brick and wrought iron fence after the garbage... read more

    S K. 10/12/2014
    A G. Avatar

    Edmar is the most professional construction with many skilled workers in Chicago area, as long as I know. If your priority is choosing a... read more

    A G. 12/04/2017
  • Margaret B. Avatar

    Edmar Corporation did a great job fixing several problems with my 100 plus year old beautiful greystone. Edmar and his partner help me resolve difficult... read more

    Margaret B. 9/05/2018
    Dema D. Avatar

    5 star rating I decided to hire Edmar based on excellent Yelp reviews and I was not disappointed. The work I hired him for was to repair my... read more

    Dema D. 4/07/2014
    Ellen P. Avatar

    5 star rating I am a case manager who works with people with disabilities and one of my clients needed her roof repaired due to a big hole... read more

    Ellen P. 5/10/2017
  • Elizabeth E. Avatar

    5 star rating We have a small house.  Sometimes it feels like tradesmen are not very interested in taking our business.  However, Ed made me feel like a... read more

    Elizabeth E. 10/10/2014
    Ross U. Avatar

    5 star rating I usually do a lot of research before I let someone touch my home. After talking to a few tuck pointing companies it was obvious... read more

    Ross U. 8/17/2013
    A G. Avatar

    They rebuilt my parapet wall quickly for a reasonable price! The wall looks great. I'm very satisfied with their work and customer service!!

    A G. 3/13/2017
  • Melissa H. Avatar

    5 star rating This company fixed some stairs for a customer of mine.  They were quick to contact customer as it was a closing issue contigent on this... read more

    Melissa H. 10/13/2015
    Emily R. Avatar

    Excellent experience from Edmar from start to finish! From the first estimate, I enjoyed the experience of working with Ed and his team. They rebuilt... read more

    Emily R. 9/05/2018
    Antonio R. Avatar

    5 star rating Top Notch Masonry Contractor. Had a new Chimney rebuilt from the roof up.  The Crews were professional and we're  highly skilled tradesmen.  Reasonable price especially... read more

    Antonio R. 3/22/2017
  • Jargren S. Avatar

    5 star rating I just have to say the work, the crew,  and Ed were wonderful. Their quality of work and maintaining the job site in an orderly... read more

    Jargren S. 11/12/2017
    Brian K. Avatar

    3 star rating I would give closer to 3 1/2 stars if I could.  I was pleased with the work that was completed.  I had 4 other companies... read more

    Brian K. 7/27/2016
    Matt M. Avatar

    Edmar is the best in the business. I’ve owned buildings in the city for a while now and I’m telling you there’s no one more... read more

    Matt M. 9/05/2018
  • Andy W. Avatar

    5 star rating These guys came thru. After some problems getting the work completed they came back out and finished the work as well as some additional brick... read more

    Andy W. 10/05/2017
    O A. Avatar

    5 star rating Edmar did some work for our condo building.  He gave us an honest quote for the work that needed to be done, and did not... read more

    O A. 7/05/2018
    Elizabeth S. Avatar

    5 star rating We had a wonderful experience with Edmar. We needed a level of brick and capstone removed from our rooftop - the job was completed in... read more

    Elizabeth S. 3/22/2016
  • John F. Avatar

    5 star rating Edmar Corporation Masonry was contracted for three projects on an industrial building in the City. The first project was to rebrick part of a doorway... read more

    John F. 10/13/2014
    Don M. Avatar

    Very professional and great work on rebuilding my chimney. Recommend

    Don M. 9/05/2018
    Cassie M. Avatar

    5 star rating Peter and crew were very professional and did an excellent job installing a new sliding glass door for us. The install included fixing some siding... read more

    Cassie M. 8/15/2016

Masonry & Tuckpointing – Most Common Problems

Do any of the masonry and tuckpointing problems on the pictures below look familiar? Did you notice deteriorating brick, missing mortar between bricks, corroding lintels, crumbling parapet walls, or leaning chimney on your property? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE, non obligatory evaluation of masonry problems.

This single phone call may save you a lot of money.


Masonry Services Provided by EDMAR Corporation in Chicago and Suburbs

We have been caring for the beautiful masonry buildings of Chicago for nearly 30 years. Our expertise in brickwork and masonry has helped to maintain this city’s charm and improved its homes, offices, churches, and stores. Whether your masonry project is large or small, or if you need brick replacement or masonry repair, our dedicated team can help, always sure to do it once, and do it right.

Chicago weather makes national news, and the mortar and brickwork feel the brunt of it. That’s why tuckpointing in Chicago is so important – to keep buildings safe and sound (and stunning) year round.  No matter the wear and tear, our mortar repointing can restore each building to its original luster.

What is Tuckpointing, Re-pointing, and Pointing?

What is Tuckpointing?

Masonry wall tuckpointing (or tuck-pointing) refers to a process of using two contrasting colors of pigmented mortar (one of them usually matches the masonry wall brick color), to create an illusion of a fine mortar joint between the two layers of bricks.

What is Re-pointing?

Masonry wall re-pointing involves cutting away deteriorated mortar from between the bricks, masonry blocks and/or stones, cleaning the joints, and refiling them with new mortar.

What is Pointing?

In masonry, the word “Pointing” describes an external portion of a masonry wall mortar joint, the line between bricks, stones, and/or CMU’s.

Mortar isn’t the only thing that gets damaged by Chicago winters – bricks can absorb moisture and become weathered by extreme temperatures, leading to spalling and cracked surfaces, and deteriorating complications down the line. Brick deterioration is often a result of failing mortar joints so these two services, tuckpointing/repointing and brick wall repair, are closely associated.

What is Masonry Parapet Wall? Deterioration Sings and Maintenance

What is a Masonry Parapet Wall?

Masonry structure parapet walls are vertical extensions of the building wall system above the roof line, balcony, or walkway. They can serve function of a fall-protective barrier, act as a firewall between two buildings, or have purely aesthetic purpose.

Parapet wall terminates with copings or caps, which are made from various materials. The most common types used in Chicago are metal, stone, clay tile, or precast concrete.

How often and when the Parapet Wall should be evaluated?

Just like every other masonry structure parapet wall should be inspected by qualified contractors on regular basis. Taking our Chicago climate into consideration, the ideal time for masonry parapet wall evaluation would be twice a year.

  1. In the fall, to make sure they are prepared for the cold season
  2. In the spring to ensure it sustained no damage due to wintry weather exposure

What are the signs of Parapet Wall deterioration?

The most common signs of moisture damage and freeze-thaw penetration on parapet walls are:

Any of the masonry parapet wall deterioration sings listed above shouldn’t be ignored. Correcting small problems as early as possible can prevent extensive and expensive repairs in the future. Give us a call at 847-714-5600 for a FREE parapet wall evaluation.

Steel lintel replacement in Chicago is a vital necessity. When these load bearing structures warp and corrode, they jeopardize the architectural integrity of the wall it supports. If you suspect any problems with a lintel or i-beam structure, we can assess the situation, and fix it in a manner that improves its life considerably.

Once heavily corroded, the only solution left is to replace the lintel, this process can be simple and just involve removal of a few bricks above the compromised lintel. However, if there are already significantly displaced bricks above the lintel, loose or missing mortar, noticeable masonry wall buckling, more extensive work may be required.

How to Replace a Steel Lintel Like a Pro...

The list below itemizes the most common sequence of steps we perform when replacing steel lintels. Because no two buildings are the same, sometimes we may need to follow slightly different path to achieve the same result.

  1. We cut into the mortar between the bricks above the compromised lintel.
  2. Bricks above the compromised lintels (on larger openings) will be supported to prevent possibility of wall failure.
  3. After cutting mortar between the bricks they will be safely removed (the same bricks will be reset in place after cleaning)
  4. Old, damaged lintel will be removed entirely or I-Beam’s flange will be cut out and replaced with a new one.
  5. New steel lintel sealed with corrosion resistant paint will be set above the window.
  6. Stainless steel drip edge will be installed on top of the new lintel (over NP1 caulking).
  7. Self-adhering rubber flashing will be installed next…
  8. Secured with termination bar along its top edge. Mastic caulking will be applied along top edge of the termination bar. The same bricks will be reinstalled and tuck-pointed with mortar matching existing as close as possible.
  9. Weep holes will be placed in between the bricks / along the new lintel to help drain any water away from the inner wall.
  10. The same bricks will be reinstalled and tuck-pointed with mortar matching existing as close as possible.

Brick chimney repair is never just about aesthetics – it is first and foremost a safety and sometimes life-threatening issue. Bricks can come loose and endanger passers-by, and there can also be masonry problems within, affecting the operation of fireplaces, and / or furnaces and water heaters. Always opt to have your chimney inspected if you suspect there to be any kind of problem.


Answers to some masonry related questions you may have...


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